Oh Stephen - HUG your kids!!!

Just watching the news and would like to highlight something interesting. You see I think how a person acts with their family tells a lot about who they are. I just watched Stephen Harper shake his son and daughter's hands as he took and left them at school. Excuse me, he what???? HE SHOOK THEIR HANDS!!! So I know what you're assuming, his kids must be teenagers or something. Nope. His Son is around 10 and daughter around 6-8. Stephen, even BUSH hugs his daughters when he's leaving them! Imagine taking your young kids to school on their first day at a new school and shaking their hands!!! I can't even...I dont get it. I just don't get it. You shake your mailman's hand, you shake your priest's hand, you maybe even shake your dad's hand when you'r e40 and he's 65. I'm sorry but you do not shake your 7 year old daughters hand as she starts at a new school. What a warm, kind man we have about to run our country for the next two years. If you shake your daughters hand Mr. Harper how will you treat the poor? How will you treat the young girl about to become a mother? How will you treat the unemployed? How will you treat the student who has to become a stripper to pay for her schooling? Will you be so gracious to shake their hands?? If that is as much compassion you show your kids what kind of compassion are you going to show to the people of Canada?? Ooo I can't wait to find out. Or perhaps I can.


SuperFish said...

Wow. The man shook his kids' hands. He must be the devil.

Give the guy a break. His son was probably too embarassed by the cameras to hug his dad, so he wanted a handshake. I dont know about his daughter, but when I was little I wanted to be treated exactly like my older brother was, even though I was a girl. So if I was his daughter, I would want a handshake too, because it would have made me feel "grown up" like my brother.

If you have to resort to criticising a man because he shakes his kids' hands, it starts to show that you're running out of problems to point at.

Jessi said...

or you could look at it like this; that even with his busy schedule the man found time to walk his kids to school....which is more than we can say for a lot of parents out there that do 'hug their kids'!

rebeccawilson . said...

I agree with you. I actually wrote a blog about the same thing. They are his clidren, and he gave the a hand shake. Personaly, I doubt that they were embarsed, and if they are embaressed by camera's then their father picked the wrong profession. I understand that it was a nice thing for him to walk them to school, but common, a handshake? Not cool Harper, not cool.

Anonymous said...

What Harper's biographer said about the handshake:

"Ben was a shy kid, as his father would have been 40 years earlier, and it is hard to do anything the way you normally would when you are being followed by a gaggle of photographers. As it happens, I have since had occasion to drop off children at the same Ottawa school many times. Almost none of the parents hug their kids. They're dropping the kids off at school, after all, not ushering them into the French Foreign Legion. They’ll see them again in a few hours.
The snark about the handshake took Harper by surprise and, having nothing to do with his work as a political leader, hit him hard. "The notion that he might be a distant or uncaring father hurt him," a former adviser said. "It's the only thing I ever saw that did."

At least these parents kissed their kids goodbye. I guess you probably think they're loving parents?